Tuesday, January 6, 2009

FileMaker is the new Pixar

What Apple subsidiary released a significant update to their flagship software package today, before MacWorld? FileMaker! 

They do make a really fun product called Bento that is something for the modern mac prosumer. If they never made a new version again, then people would lament it as they do HyperCard and Emailer maybe. Bento is at v2.0 and on most display Macs at last check. No one reading this needs to gin up much of a reason to visit their local Apple Store I suspect, but that's a new one to use anyway.

Steve Jobs seems to be leaving FileMaker well enough alone, to the point where they have had the same retail box design for multiple X.0 versions. Shocking for an Apple product, but then again, it had huge marketshare when Jobs came back. Might as well leave it alone, I suppose.

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