Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost in Cairo

Vista was bad, and XP is the walking dead, so there's been nothing to give Leopard a run for its money. Until now. A beta of Windows 7 has the fervent Microsoft media crew ecstatic. I find that Gizmodo is usually a half sane outlet. It is no bastion of journalistic ethics, but the stories it carries are either self-aware fanboy excess, or composed with some reality coming into the picture. 

Well, forget that, because Giz, and countless others, are ready to start slinging the hosannas around. The media has reached the conclusion that Windows 7 has a better "dock" than OS X. Remember that Windows 7 isn't shipping, and Microsoft has never shipped on time. Then, include Apple's upcoming OS release, and the comparison is truly moot. No beta of Snow Leopard has been made to strut around as Windows 7 has, because Apple doesn't work that way.

I am going to respectfully decline all Windows 7 related articles until Microsoft has GC1 shipped for duplication. OS X and Windows comparisons are always subjective, but Windows 7 is not even a fixed target.

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