Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Palm Pre reconsidered

The Palm Pre is good enough to keep Palm users (those that are left, that is) in the fold. The Pre is evidence of intellect and creativity at Palm. Few companies are capable of creating a vertically integrated, cutting-edge smartphone. RIM does, though it relies on Exchange and Microsoft in a symbiotic relationship. Apple is capable of it. Nokia is unreliably able to produce; the e71 is great, the N-Gage terrible.

The lack of an SDK is a stick in the spokes for any application market on the Palm. Historically, Palm has been as open as Microsoft regarding apps. Run anything anytime. Maybe that will come with an update. For now, web widgets is all there is to see.

A touch keyboard is vital, too. Having to flip the phone and open the keyboard for every entry field will become deeply annoying.

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