Monday, May 18, 2009

Really Joe?

Really? They will always win? Where were you ten years ago, besides holding a shovel full of dirt to throw on the Apple coffin?

The article

The Bondi Blue iMac didn't even have Firewire! That wonderful product had to be restarted with a paper clip, and was basically a PowerBook G3 with a tube monitor. Don't revise history. It was a striking design and a big seller, but it hardly represented the successful strategy of today's Apple. Garish designs trumping functionality? Not anymore. The iPhone is a featureless slab. The unibody laptops are all-function, no "book covers" or color choices, or handles.

The iPod is indeed a good product, you are right.

Microsoft bucking convention? Those four points you cite are indeed unconventional maneuvers, but for a partnering ("embrace and extend") company to succeed, it must necessarily set the status quo. David can't bring 99% people around to the slingshot until it's proven, and everyone's doing it. Apple tactics don't preclude succeeding with 10% of the market, while Microsoft would be hard pressed without 80%.

Then you go into the MSFT vs. AAPL argument. Well, it is important to remember that the former company paid a dividend and bought back shares, while Apple has been full-tilt the other direction. I'm not arguing for anything different from either company, but the comparison is asinine.

Stupid article!

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