Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buried in a press release?

Apple cut the price on Final Cut Studio, and added a lot of stuff. Once upon a time, this kind of thing was MacWorld/Seybold fodder. It sold high-end Macs, and made Apple a player in the margin stuffed software business. (I'm looking at Adobe with both eyes.) Now, it is buried in a press release.

Even odder, Final Cut Server only moved to version 1.5. The initial product was a black eye for Apple, delayed and buggy, so you think they would want to move away from it more dramatically. (Don't give me that "version numbers only change on file format shifts" dogma either, that hasn't been true for years.)

These Final Cut Studio/Server upgrades smack of Snow Leopard-style "clear and hold" development. While there are new features, the sensible back-end improvements seem to have been done. Apple never mentions Grand Central outside of its 10.6 preview site, but releasing a new suite of pro applications that took no advantage of post-Leopard advances is so stupid as to be unimaginable. Or, is this release really a -.x-equivalent dud the company is trying to hide?

Tests of FCP6 and 7 on 10.5 and 10.6 will reveal the truth whenever Apple lets their new OS slip.

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