Saturday, September 26, 2009

iMac Rumors and the Digital Hub (Part II)

(Part I is here)

The upcoming iMac is rumored to change dramatically. Instead of a laptop Core 2 Duo CPU, it may offer desktop (or even server) quad core processors. If Apple adds such substantial power, the GPU will probably come along. Snow Leopard leverages cores better, and offloads computation to compatible GPUs, so the rumored component choices are realistic projections.
In user-facing changes, the iMac will likely gain an SD slot and better remote, and, possibly, BluRay media playback. All of these changes point to home theater integration and improved "30 foot" usage, though not at the expense of the traditional method of "keyboard and mouse" desktop computing. It is not hard to envision the functionality of Apple TV becoming software, bundled with a range of 30-50in iMacs that replace the traditional television.

What of the "digital hub", never mind traditional and internet-based personal computing like word processing or social networking. E-mail is not something most people want friends or family to gather around on the couch. No one wants to spend computer money on a TV, and still not have a personal computer.

In the final article of the series, the Third Wave iPod meets the new iMac.

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