Friday, October 2, 2009

New iMacs Practically Guaranteed

Rumors today of a Mighty Mouse redesign, complete with FCC docs, means consequential iMac revisions are a certainty.

At this point, laptops dominate consumer sales, and peripherals are not in-box. The Mac Pro does have input devices included, but it sells in miniscule quantities, and to people who already have mice and keyboards they like. That leaves the iMac as Apple's only volume seller that needs to impress with its input devices.

As usual, some of the iMac rumors are fanciful. I do not really expect an iMac Bravia replacement, but the thoroughness of the (apparent) coming overhaul does point to some possible "one more thing"-worthy features. BluRay and no more chin? Not enough. Maybe the world will get that quad-core iMac with a real desktop CPU and GPU that every disappointed and frustrated Mac Pro owner (read: old PowerMac creative user) on earth really wanted.

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